Capstone Security Advantage

Capstone Security is equipped with a dedicated team who understand business and technical needs, as well as a long history of building information security programs and architectures for organizations of all sizes and within various industries. Capstone Security consultants keep skill sets up-to-date in a fast-moving and constantly shifting technical environment.

  • Experience – our employees have extensive experience performing assessments for organizations of all sizes in various industries and the Federal government
  • Judgment – Capstone Security focuses on both technical and business implications in order to make the most appropriate risk-based recommendations
  • Diversity & Best of Breed Tools – We do not rely on a single tool or technique; a multitude of commercial and open-source applications are used
  • Tailored – we adapt our approach and methodology to meet your organization’s unique business requirements and do not use a “one size fits all” approach
  • Value – Capstone Security provides recommendations and roadmaps to strengthen your overall security program and security posture

Capstone Security Assessment Services

The constantly changing vulnerability landscape is a dynamic threat requiring constant attention. To mitigate risks, organizations must be able to manage known vulnerabilities and identify new ones. Capstone Security provides a customized approach and understanding for each organization. Our consultants understand the business drivers and organizational goals that our clients are faced with, allowing us to create custom solutions for the environment. Capstone Security has experience assessing hundreds of organizations and provides a thorough analysis that presents a clear view of current threats and then prioritizes threats and remediates them.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identifies network security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Offers a snapshot of an organization’s network security posture
  • Provides a baseline for future network security initiatives

Network Penetration Test

  • Analyzes risk by exploiting identified security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Validates current network security posture and countermeasures
  • Validates risks associated with identified network vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Enterprise Threat Assessment
  • Analyzes an organization’s risk based on technical, physical and non-technical testing
  • Interviews critical resources to identify  ongoing issues and future initiatives, and provides comprehensive understanding of organization’s security posture
  • Develops a prioritized remediation plan based on the analysis of an organization’s security risk

Wireless Security Assessment

  • Performs rogue access point detection and reviews device configurations for compliance with security mandates and industry regarded security based practices
  • Performs wireless (perimeter and internal) reviews to identify security risks associated with authorized access points and neighboring wireless networks

Social Engineering

  • Determines whether Capstone Security can obtain access to corporate information or internal resources by attempting to bypass physical or socially enforced security controls
  • Provides a clear understanding of employees’ security awareness knowledge and policy adherence